The world of Rotary Joondalup in pictures

Mullaloo Beach Clean-up 2020

Poseidon PS 

Big W Donations for start of School 2021

2021 Fathering Project Currambine PS

Poseidon PS Speak Out Competition

Food Rescue Lakeside Shopping Centre

Donation to Poseidon PS 

Christmas Lunch 2020

Christmas Lunch 2019

Bunnings Sizzle #2 2021

Bunnings Sizzle  #1 2021

Mullallo Beach Clean-up 2020

Mullallo Beach Clean-up

PP Joe being social 

2019 Changeover

RCJ/RCH social get together 2021

Rotary Gathering Gin Gin

Food Rescue Launch 2019

Food Rescue

Mullallo Beach Clean-up 2020

Bunnings Sizzle 2020

PP Jim being social

Bunnings sizzle 2020

Food Rescue Foodcart

Winner Cray Raffle Competition 2019

Simoe at Salvation Army Heathridge

The start of 2019

RCJ Member Emily, MP for Joondalup, RCJ President Ralph and Premier Mark McGowan

Food collection at Lakeside

2019 Poseidon PS Water Fun Day

Mullalloo Beach Clean-up

Mullalloo Beach Clean-up

Mullalloo Beach Clean-up

Fathering Day at Currambine PS

2021 Fathering Day at Currambine PS

2020 Fathering Day at Currambine PS

Dandelions WA

Dandelions collecting donations

PP/Secretary Jim

Legal Adviser/Member David

2019 Food rescue Lakeside

2019 RCJ Changeover

Water Fun Day Poseidon PS

Currambine PS Year 6

Graduation Awards

Heathridge Salvation Army food donations recipient

2019 RYE student Gil

Bunnings Sizzle #2 2021

Social Get Together 2019

Rotary Out West Editor Phil Cordery & President Ralph

Food collection at Lakeside

Bunnings Sizzle #2 2021

New Member Induction

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