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Where we have helped

Food Rescue

Playmates Across Generations

Spectacle/Walking Aid Collection

Bridging the Silence

Fathering Project, Currambine PS

Food Preparation, Salvation Army

Poseidon Primary School

Currambine Primary School

Belridge Secondary College

Boystown Thailand

Beach Clean-Up

COVID19 Travel Refund Advice

Tree Planting

Wheelchairs for Kids


Poseidon Primary School

Eddy’s Carpentry Shop

Daisy House

Mullaloo Surf Lifesaving Club

Children with Autism

Wheelchairs for Kids

National Youth Science Forum

Rotary Health

Primary School, Thailand

Rotary Youth Exchange

Joondalup Tee Ball Club

Osborne Park Hospital

Literacy Project Thailand


Post Tsunami Support

Aged Care

Joondalup Business Association

Microscopes for Schools

University of WA

Joondalup Scouts

Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship

Little Athletics Kingsway

Aged Care Assistance


Boystown Thailand

Boystown Thailand

Papua New Guinea

Solomon Islands


Joondalup Swap Mart

Hill Tribe Community, Thailand

Joondalup City Probus Club

Summer Science Camp

Rotary Foundation

Rotary Youth Leadership

Tenoka House

Ebenezer House

Poseidon Primary School

Woodvale Primary School

Connolly Primary School

Spastic Welfare Association

Wheelchair Donation

Red Cross/Salvation Army

Joondalup Festival

Joondalup City Probus Club

Collection of unsold food at Lakeside Joondalup Shopping Centre (in conjunction with St Stephens School and RC Hillarys)

Intergenerational project with Keiki Early Learning and Keyton Harbourside Lifestyle Village. It's our version of the ABC show where we have 3+ children and retirees having fun together.

Collection of "lost" spectacles and crutches from Lakeside Joondalup and Whitfords Shopping Centres

Community Based new-born hearing screening (global grant with RC Nakhon Khon Kaen and RC Nedlands)



Sausage sizzles for the Fathering Project annual campout evening


Preparation of food for distribution to the needy at the Salvation Army Heathridge


Sponsorship of disadvantaged students for events


Annual presentation of the Quiet Achiever Award at the Year 6 graduation.


Sponsorship of student to attend the ECU Science Experience


Ongoing sponsorship of 2 boys for the studies


Twice yearly Mullalloo Beach Clean-up (with Clean-Up Australia and Tangeroa Blue)


Provided free legal advice re travel refunds under Covid19


With the aid of primary school students, planted 20,000 trees on salt infected areas in the Wongan Hills



Donation of $12,000 for 1200 wheelchairs to be built and distributed to Africa.


Donation of funds to CARAD (Centre for Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Detainees)


Sponsorship of activities and supervision duties and the Annual Water Fun Day event


Donation of equipment and timber to facilitate training of delinquent youth in carpentry


Refuge for the needy received blankets and canned food for distribution 


Donation of equipment


Support for the Wildcats Children with Autism initiative (with RC Crawley)


Funding support for Wheelchairs for Kids, Wangara


Sponsored students from local schools to attend the national science forum


Funding to Rotary Health


Matching grant for construction of toilet facilities at a primary school in Ratchaburi, Thailand.



Sponsored students for the International Rotary Youth Exchange programme (full year exchange and short-term exchange)



Sponsorship and equipment donation for local tee ball club


Donation of 4 wheeled wheel chair for outpatient use.


Matching grants for books in schools and mobile library (with RC Nedlands and RC West Perth



Donation of funds to ShelterBox


Fundraising Valentine’s Day concert at Joondalup Resort for construction of two homes in Phuket after tsunami.



Garden project at old peoples’ home in Kinross


Sponsorship of events for Joondalup Business Association and District32


Donated microscopes to primary schools in the Joondalup area.


Donation to UWA for research into prostate cancer.


Donation of funds and equipment


Rotary Ambassadorial Scholars hosting from, Canada, USA, and Alaska.


Donation of an equipment shed


Assistance with removal of furniture from homes for elderly in Woodvale and Kinross.

Sponsored Australian Doctors to operate on an Indian Boy with a hole in the heart

Donation of computers and sporting equipment


Funding of solar panels


Donation of mosquito nets to prevent malaria (RAWCS)


Provision of hot water systems to the Solomon Island Community (RAWCS)


Sponsorship of 2 girls to attend school for 12 months.


Establishment (in conjunction with RC Hillarys) of the Joondalup Swap Mart


Matching grant for hill tribe community in Phayao, Thailand.


Sponsored the establishment of this club for retired residents


Sponsored Year 9 students from local schools to attend the Science Summer camp


Funding to the Rotary Foundation


Sponsored students to attend the Rotary Youth Leadership Award


Three-year support/advisory for homeless youth in the northern Suburbs


Mentoring youth at Ebenezer House Balga


Establishment of Community Garden at Poseidon Primary School, Heathridge together with parents and friends.



Constructed plant nursery at Woodvale Primary School


Donation for the construction of a native plant nursery at Connolly Primary School.


Purchase of speech equipment


Donation of wheelchair for a disabled Clarkson resident


Assistance with Red Cross and Salvation Army Street appeal.


Participated in the Joondalup Festival from 2002 to 2006, with kinetic sculptures


Donated guest speaker sound system

Food collection at Lakeside

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